The Bright Faith Journal


What Is it?

The Bright Faith journal is intended for those with mental illness that are looking to stay consistent with their communication and encounters with God. The Lord is near to those suffering and in pain. He is a Healer. He is a Comforter. You do not have a faith problem for asking for help with mental health. This resource is meant to aid you in overcoming fears and anxieties. It is time to Ignite Your Light!

This journal includes:

  • salvation prayer
  • tenets of the Christian Faith
  • prayer to put on the Armor of God daily
  • vision pages
  • goals and dreams
  • a place to log your favorite worship songs and bible verses
  • yearly bible reading plan
  • and much more

Order Your Journal Today!

 When you purchase this journal, 10% of the journal proceeds will be donated to the Grace Evangelical Methodist Church in Haltom City, Texas